Garden Maintenance

Christchurch landscape and garden maintenance service

Your garden, decks, steps and other landscape features will keep looking their best if they receive regular attention. Gunn Design have an experienced and professional gardening crew for the job.

We provide a landscape and garden maintenance service to complement the landscape design and construction services we offer.

Whether it is maintaining a property we have designed and built, or an established property that requires either a one-off tidy up or some regular upkeep, our crew can tackle the job, big or small. We tailor our services to suit your needs.

An added benefit of our landscape and garden maintenance service is having the eye and expertise of a landscape architect on call to give advice about ongoing planting and other improvements you may wish to make. This can provide a cost effective way to improve your outdoor living space over time.

Keep your property looking in tip-top shape and still have your weekends! Call us today to discuss your landscape and garden maintenance needs.

View of a garden deck that would be much more appealing to relax than to work in the garden

Big or Complex Jobs

For jobs that are too big or complex, or if you don’t have the time or inclination, we have an experienced professional crew to take care of the task.

Sometimes getting others to do the grunt work can be an efficient use of time and money. Most of us would rather be doing something other than chores in the weekend after all!

For some jobs, if you haven’t got all the necessary tools, even a relatively simple task can take longer than it should.  Don't worry about investing in gardening tools that you would rarely use and then having to learn how to use them - hire our crew to do the tough jobs instead.

Professional gardener trimming a garden hedge with a power trimmer

Regular maintenance can save money

Regular maintenance of landscape features such as decks, steps and paths, and the garden, can often prove to be a cheaper maintenance option than letting things get out of hand and then doing the big tidy up.

We offer a variety of garden maintenance plans - anything to suit your needs.  With regular maintenance, we are able to alert you to anything that may need repair. A small repair to a garden structure or garden deck early on can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.  

Custom garden bench & decking - Gunn Design landscaping example property

All situations are different

All situations are different. You may wish to look after most things yourself, apart from the odd task which is too big or you haven’t the tools for.

Or you may be after a more managed look and require a regular maintenance schedule.

Many people enjoy working in the garden as an enjoyable outdoor form of exercise - as long as the stress of maintaining the entire yard isn't overwhelming.  With our garden maintenance services, you can do just the most enjoyable parts of gardening, leaving the heavy, difficult or overwhelming jobs to our skilled gardening team.

Have fun in your garden - leave the hard work to us.

Call 027-420-2466 today.

Happy senior aged gardener holding some flowers with husband gardening in the background