Why you should consider the garden design early on when building or renovating your home

Simply put, it can save time, money and cut down on stress!  

Building a new house or renovating an existing one can be a very stressful time in your life. There are many decisions to make and it sometimes seems as though there is little time to fully consider the implications of making these decisions. Good planning can help to alleviate some of this stress.

When caught up in the building process, getting to the garden and outdoor living areas can seem a long way off. However, don't lose sight of what you ultimately want for your property once all the building work is complete. 

In the course of our work for clients we have come across situations where considerable time and money could have been saved if the garden design had been considered from the start of the building process rather than at the end, once structures had been built.

Important issues to consider are access for machinery, removal of material from site, retaining, drainage, and getting material on site, such as topsoil. Often some of this work is easier to do before building commences.

Good planning of the garden design early on in the overall building process helps to identify and mitigate potential problems and to most effectively achieve the end results that you want. Going through the planning process allows you to think through what it is that you want for your property and to put in place cost effective means to get there. 

If you’re thinking of redesigning your garden after building or renovating your house call us today.