What does a well thought out garden design add to your property?

What is a well thought out garden design? This is a subjective concept - but ultimately a garden design should meet your needs and desires. What do you hope to achieve, the reasons are diverse - privacy, places to play and relax, to increase the desirability of your property for resale?

Having an overall garden design will provide you with a cohesive look and feel for your property. Too often a garden can seem composed of components that have no relationship with each other. A good garden design will consider your needs and wants, the built structures that are on your property, the local environment in which you are situated, and the physical aspects which are unique to your property. A good garden design will consider all of these elements as part of a whole.

Among the things to consider are: colour, contrast, texture, form, scale, balance, light, and pattern. And importantly, budget. Through discussion and design work, potential problems can be identified and solutions devised to mitigate their impact before any physical work begins. This will save you time and money in the long run. An overall garden design provides you with a unified vision for your property and a plan for achieving this vision.

A garden design professional brings design experience and creative inspiration, plant knowledge, an understanding of the costs and practicalities associated with landscape construction, and an unbiased eye to your property. Together, through a collaborative design process, a garden design that suits your needs is developed.   

A well thought out garden design can help you to realise the full potential of your property. Call us today.