Three different Christchurch hillside garden designs

Over past few weeks we’ve been back working at three Christchurch hillside properties we began working on earlier in the year. The change to cooler temperatures has been welcome - just hope the much needed rain doesn’t come too soon!

At the first property, the building work on the house is all done, the owners are in and the final touches to the garden design are underway. Several large boulders have been placed and the area is being prepared for the last of the planting. 

Another milestone has been reached in the garden design of the hillside property overlooking Redcliffs. Once the exposed aggregate paths were sealed, concrete block pillars were built down the street side of the property. Just waiting on the slats to be manufactured and then this fence is complete. The block pillars and the colour of the slats will tie in to the materials and colours used on the house. 

At the other hillside property we are currently working on, we have been sorting out secondary access to the top of the property. Gabion baskets have been used to form up the end of the retaining wall that runs along the rear of the house. We’ve filled these baskets with Teddington chip, which has a nice warm colour to it, especially when the stone is wet. Something to add a bit of colour to the garden on an overcast, wet day.

A series of hardwood sleeper steps, infilled with a light coloured stone chip, will provide access up to the top of the section. This design continues the theme established with the main access built on the other side of the house earlier in the year. These steps provide a robust and easy to maintain solution for the owners of this property.

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