Steps down to the beach at Taylors Mistake

On this steep Taylors Mistake hillside property we are constructing a series of timber steps down to the public access walkway that leads to the beach. The design brief from this family of keen surfers was for functional, robust steps in keeping with the low key style of their bach. 

Linking the sets of steps we’ll build short pathways and pads, surfaced with compacted gravel. The longer sets of steps will have a galvanised steel pipe handrail for safety, and to help the clients haul themselves back up the hill after surfing.

With no drive on access, everything has to be carried down to the construction site so good planning is required to minimise the number of trips needed back up to the road. No one wants to be the one who has to go back up to get that forgotten tool!

Getting the steps right means working with the steepness of the slope, minimising changes to the existing plantings and managing access to the site. Taking levels and spending design time on the computer calculating the best route for the steps and the most efficient construction method is paying off in time saved, ease of construction and helps to reduce overall cost as well as enhancing the finished product.

Constructed from tanalised timber, the steps will soon fade in colour and blend unobtrusively into the landscape.

These hillside steps are built to be hard wearing, low maintenance and highly functional to make the return trip as easy as possible (it's still a lot of steps!). Additionally we designed and built the steps to be a minimal landscape feature that doesn't impose or detract from the stunning views out to sea.  

Bring on the surf!