Garden by the sea

This new seaside Redcliffs home has fantastic views over the water to the end of Brighton Spit and out to the mouth of the estuary. The brief for this property was to deliver a low maintenance garden in which the clients could sit back, relax, and enjoy the ever changing views.   

On this compact site we have built narrow raised Corten planters on three sides of the property. Gravel pathways, honed bluestone pavers, Otago schist stone mulch and large volcanic boulders complete the look. 

Planting will help to soften the hard edges of the built environment over time. On the street side of the property the owners were lucky to retain a large old pohutukawa tree. This is a real asset to the property, adding volume, shade and visual interest to the garden, something that can take years to achieve if you are starting from scratch with new planting. A uniform plant selection creates a cohesive look to the garden as a whole, giving it a clean contemporary look.

The tones of the rusting Corten reference the cedar cladding and Australian hardwood decking used in the construction of the house.