A contrast in styles - Hillside garden and inner city courtyard garden design

Wet weather on the hills

Despite the swing to wet weather last week, the exposed aggregate paths have been poured on the Christchurch hillside property we have been working on.

Bit of a mud bath at times as we got the final bits of boxing in.

However, the pour went well and it’s good to have this major component of the landscape design complete.

Central Christchurch - Wild outdoors

We started a new job last week, enhancing a garden design that we completed several years ago in central Christchurch.

Our clients on this project have a great interest in the wild outdoors of New Zealand. They wanted their rear courtyard garden to be a place that reflected the untamed mountains that they enjoy spending their recreation time in.

Although they were happy with the garden as it was, they wanted the drama and impact of the various spaces of the overall garden design to be taken to another level.

Craning in Boulders

To achieve this we have craned in some large boulders which we will use to raise the garden beds and delineate plantings.

The mass and vertical forms of the boulders has already made a great impact to the garden.

New plantings of natives will enhance the already established trees and shrubs.

It’s a good time of the year to plant out, allowing the plants to bed in over the colder months, ready to put growth on in spring.

Review your garden's design

It’s good to review the progress of your garden at regular intervals - to consider what is working and what isn’t and to determine if the design of your garden needs to be enhanced to achieve the impact that you desire.

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