Bringing some colour into the garden

For this landscape project in Lyttelton, the client wanted an oudoor living area where they could enjoy the views out over the harbour, yet be protected from the easterly wind, the bane of many Christchurch properties!  They also wanted to bring some colour into their garden. 

The existing concrete retaining wall behind the house is well built and had sustained no earthquake damage but was looking rather rough. The wall was plastered, taking out the undulations and creating a uniform look, and painted a warm, vibrant orange. 

The area between the back of the house and the retaining wall was paved, disguising the concrete pad that had been in this part of the garden. The same pavers were also used in the courtyard area, tying the two areas together, which are separated by an existing deck.

To the eastern side of the house, between the upper and lower retaining walls, we have built a courtyard seating area. A raised planter bed across the lower retaining wall acts as a barrier and is also used as a small vegetable garden. The raised planter helps to enclose and define the courtyard space.

A weatherboard fence, echoing the style of the house, forms the end of the courtyard area at the property boundary, screening out adjacent houses and the easterly wind. The painted blue weatherboards echo the colour and texture of the house. Macrocarpa slats top the fence, softening the transition between hard wall surface and the hills beyond, while still helping to break up the wind. As the macrocapa weathers it will take on the tones of the hillside beyond.

A glass balustrade along the top of the rear retaining wall ensures that this area is protected from the wind but that the view up to the surrounding hills are retained. An L-shaped seating area is tucked into the corner, wide enough to lie down and stretch out, or to entertain guests. Weatherproof squabs and a shade sail above completes the look.