Hillside garden

Journalist Ady Shannon wrote an article on one of our recent native themed projects that was published in The Press and on www.stuff.co.nz, titled "Landscaping project was 'like piecing together a puzzle".

The property is on St Andrews Hill in Christchurch, and the owners both work for Clive Barrington Construction.  They wanted an easy-care, easy-living landscape design that looked mature despite being a new, post-quake rebuild.  

Design topics

Up on the Mt Pleasant property overlooking Redcliffs the final touches to the garden design are under way. Cooler temperatures at the start of the day now, but the generally settled weather have made for good working conditions. 

We are building a low curved block wall around the edge of the retaining wall that follows the curve of the concrete mow strip. This block wall will hide the straight edges of the tanalised post retaining wall and mirrors the curve of Pegasus Bay on the horizon. There is a planting bed between the mow strip and the block wall which will soften the hard edges of these two elements. 

These past weeks we’ve been working on another Christchurch hillside property. Up here there are great views up the coast and out over Redcliffs to the sea beyond.