Courtyard design

Wet weather on the hills

Despite the swing to wet weather last week, the exposed aggregate paths have been poured on the Christchurch hillside property we have been working on.

Bit of a mud bath at times as we got the final bits of boxing in.

However, the pour went well and it’s good to have this major component of the landscape design complete.

Central Christchurch - Wild outdoors

Design topics

The client of this Christchurch property wanted a Japanese inspired courtyard garden design. This project has transformed what was a plain paved area into a restful, contemplative garden - somewhere to escape at the end of a busy day.

To transform this space, around six tonnes of Teddington boulders were brought onto site. Two pergolas and an entrance gate were constructed, a polished concrete sculpture, representative of water, was built, and a water feature was installed.

Design topics

In this design the clients engaged Gunn Design Landscape Architecture to design a relaxed & functional entertainment area to complement their new home.

Located on Mt Pleasant, Christchurch, we created an area that was both warm for those cooler evenings and calming for those hot windy summer days. 

As a landscape design business, we enjoy the challenge of developing outdoor living ideas into functional spaces to enjoy.