Block wall

This week we are putting the finishing touches to the hillside garden design we started at the end of last year. The brisk weather experienced over the last week is certainly a contrast to the hot days we spent here over summer!  

The slats have been installed, the garden has been mulched and the final plant out is almost done now. It is pleasing to see all of the elements of the garden come together in a unified design.

Design topics

Up on the Mt Pleasant property overlooking Redcliffs the final touches to the garden design are under way. Cooler temperatures at the start of the day now, but the generally settled weather have made for good working conditions. 

We are building a low curved block wall around the edge of the retaining wall that follows the curve of the concrete mow strip. This block wall will hide the straight edges of the tanalised post retaining wall and mirrors the curve of Pegasus Bay on the horizon. There is a planting bed between the mow strip and the block wall which will soften the hard edges of these two elements.