3D animation

Design topics

Because of the difficult hill site access on the Port Hills above Christchurch, these landscape clients wisely engaged us to design this courtyard before house construction.

In this way any structural elements within the landscape design can be incorporated in the build.

Design topics

On this steep coastal Christchurch hillside site, the 2011 earthquakes damaged the driveway rock walls on the lower section and caused significant drainage issues on the upper section, behind the house.

Our brief was to reconstruct the rock walls on the lower section and to design and build a functional outdoor living area on the upper section of the property.

Design topics

We have recently been engaged in a landscape design project redeveloping a residential home in the Governors Bay, Christchurch area.

The clients' brief was to explore possible options for the house renovation and how it could work in with the landscape design.

A strong emphasis was on the house entrance with a sculptural interest and garden design that responds to the site.

We have used our 3D modelling and sketch analysis technique to represent proposed additions to the house and to generate outdoor landscape concept design ideas around them. 


Design topics

In this design the clients engaged Gunn Design Landscape Architecture to design a relaxed & functional entertainment area to complement their new home.

Located on Mt Pleasant, Christchurch, we created an area that was both warm for those cooler evenings and calming for those hot windy summer days. 

As a landscape design business, we enjoy the challenge of developing outdoor living ideas into functional spaces to enjoy.